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Or Kantor

Or Kantor is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist and craftsman.
He has been working in the artistic realm for over twenty years. He started his artistic career in the world of tattooing, elements of which he incorporates into his art. His primary mediums are acrylic on canvas, 
and gouache on paper,  and he is also a draughtsman and printmaker. 
Or splits his time between London, and his studio in Jaffa, Israel.

His style hovers between the figurative and the abstract. In his paintings he grasps at the transcendental, bringing forth a spiritual realm through the merging of primeval imagery with the futuristic.
He strives to create a new, metaphysical reality. Or explores themes of singularity and unity and the presence of the unknown, whether in this universe or beyond. He is also interested in investigating ancient symbols and signets and their permanence and power over time, with an emphasis on the local traditions of the
Mediterranean Basin.


The natural landscape of the Fertile Crescent is a constant source of inspiration for him. Mysticism and the preternatural are ever-present in his depictions of light, which emanate prominently from each of his works. Or uses his practice as a means to express his own existential questions about our perceived reality by blurring the boundaries between truth and falsity, space and time.

Or Kantor

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